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Ogo Oluwa Praying Band Cherubim and Seraphim Aladura Inc.
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Welcome To OOPB

Ogo Oluwa Praying Band Cherubim and Seraphim Aladura Inc.
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Ogo Oluwa Praying Band (Cherubim & Seraphim) is a prophetic and covenant yielding church. Its foundation is set on love, faith and hope as clearly stated in I Corinthian 13:13. As a result of love for his fellow men, Rev/Prophet Olumuyiwa Omosanya Odunuga (of blessed memory) consented to obey the directives of our Lord and establish this church on 10th July 1979.

Before the existence of this church, Reverend/ Prophet Odunuga was an ordained Minister of God at the United African Church (Eleja) until early 1970 when the Lord spoke to him to move to a prayer- gown worshipping church. He joined the Holy Order of the Cherubim and Seraphim Movement (Ayo ni o) at the Oladimeji Street branch, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos Nigeria.

During his sojourn in the Movement, the voice of God called on him to set up a ministry. With this message in mind and the pressure from other members of the movement, Rev/Prophet O.O.Odunuga was granted to establish the church. With the growth of the congregation, No 2 Ijero Street, Ikate became unsuitable and he donated his piece of land at 36, Bolaji Banwo Avenue, Aguda Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria to the church for the building of the prayer house. The church moved from 2, Ijero St Ikate surulere Lagos Nigeria on 7th January 1980 to the new site, which accommodates at the moment the International Headquarters of the church.

The foundation stone of the church building was laid on 18th Oct 1980 with Senior Apostle S. Adetayo Aiyeola of blessed memory (then of Holy Saviour Church of Christ, Ilasamaja) donating the initial 1000 (one thousand) blocks for the construction of the main auditorium. The auditorium built at that material time is due for renovation and expansion. The church has many branches throughout the country, (Nigeria). The church intends to reopen very soon its branches in USA and UK that were closed down due to the failure of erstwhile leaders to keep to the doctrines and practice of the church in administering the affairs of the branches.

Ogo Oluwa Praying Band (C&S) is Pentecostal because it believes in the powers of the Lord as the main source/pillar in administering the affairs of the church. Evangelical in ministry as it proclaims the gospel to all who care to know; preaches witnesses as well as propagates the good news to all nations. In addition, the church makes disciples of all nations as commanded by Jesus Christ. Matt.28: 19-20. Ecumenical in service as it shares fellowship, peace and unity with every other group or body that worship, serve and acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Prophetic- as it allows the Holy Spirit to direct its activities and endeavours by carrying out instructions of our Lord God as may be released through the visioners, dreamers, prophets and/or prophetesses.

Hymns and Order of Service

Our Songs and Service came into existance through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

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Youth Wing and U.A.C

The building isn't the church, but the members therein. Our dedicated and talented members have been helpful in the development of the church.

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Young and Talented Members